Undisclosed House Defects

May need to be addressed by a Texas attorney

In Texas, a seller has an obligation to disclose certain defects with the property. These defects are often are not discovered until months or years after the sale. Failing to disclose these defects may be a fraudulent misrepresentation.

Failing to Disclose Defects

The purchase of a home is often the most important financial investment a person makes. Some may take advantage of purcharser's inexperience in real estate transactions. A prime example of this type of conduct is the selling of properties in which undisclosed material defects exist at the time of closing. This is often illegal, and the purchaser should be compensated.

Common Undisclosed Defects

Real estate brokers and agents only get paid their commissions if the sale closes, therefore, they are financially motivated not to reveal information they know about serious problems with your new home. Common defects that substantially impair the value of a home are black mold, foundation problems, plumbing leaks, ground water drainage, wood destroying insect infestation and damage (i.e. subterranean termites and carpenter ants, structural damage, roof leaks or damage and flooding

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